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Playing the $ Game is a 4-hour class taught by Ms. Moore which is based upon the book “Busting Loose From the Money Game” written by Robert Scheinfeld.

Mr. Scheinfeld’s book and website: www.busting-loose-from-the-money-game.com are a great process to begin to shift your mental beliefs about money and life, into a game where you become the master of your financial universe.

This 4-hour class will cover how to use the “Busting Loose” Techniques as you begin to transform your financial issues into a stress-free game where you begin to TRUST YOURSELF with the ability to attract all that you desire and to take responsibility for everything that occurs in your life as part of a Universal Plan for your journey to fulfill your Life’s Purpose.

The class will begin with “Photo Reading” the Busting Loose from the Money Game Book along with other books that Ms. Moore has used to help her with her Financial Wisdom.  She will address the three ways of creating wealth and how to keep that wealth from taxation, and how to protect it from future financial attack.  She will then shift from the how to’s of creating wealth, to the emotional and spiritual issues that may prevent you from attaining your desires.

The last two hours of the class are customized for the specific issues that the attending students raise.  Ms. Moore will take actual students financial issues, address the logical basis of the issue, the emotional issues attached to the conflict, and finally, how to apply the “BUSTING LOOSE” process to transform the issue into an exciting money game where you direct the outcome by transforming the financial issue into a magical process where you direct the outcome by the thoughts that you hold and how those thoughts attract your unique financial desires!

The class fee is $495 for live students, $495 for on-line attendance with direct chat to Ms. Moore’s live class, and $250 to attend a HOST FACILITATED Class.

The class fee includes 1 year unlimited on-line attendance of the Playing the $ Game webcast, so you can integrate the lessons throughout the year, and as your knowledge grows, your continued questions can be answered by each succeeding class.