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James Wanless

JAMES WANLESS, PH.D. (Columbia University Political Science) was a distinguished university professor in the Middle East when he experienced a life-threatening disease which led to a spiritual transformation. He relinquished his academic career and began to share his new found wisdom and inspiration by teaching groups how to live happy, healthy, holy, and wealthy.

He is a pioneer of new thinking recognized for weaving timeless wisdom into modern life with intuitive tools and symbolic systems. With his magical blend of personal charisma, humor, and pragmatic enthusiasm, this prodigious explorer of consciousness engages his audience in a transformative experience that inspires and enlightens.

IT’S A WHOLE new business world out there. There has been a shift in power away from the corporate hierarchy to you, the individual. As a free agent, you are the most vital resource — the key actor — in the global marketplace. The reality of the information age and the knowledge-based economy is that whoever you are and whatever you do, you are your own company, producing and forming partner ships independently — even if you’re acting within a larger business organization.This fact of business life is creating challenges and opportunities that are changing not only commerce but also consciousness. As a free agent, you must look within your self for resources and answers. The core values of leading-edge business today are inner values: innovation, inspiration, intention, integrity. All are rooted in trusting your intuition. In a fast- paced world of change and vast possibilities, intuition can help you discern, synthesize, and create.

As we find ourselves in the midst of unprecedented change, the leadership models of the past, based upon traditional masculine values, continue to erode. The need for conscious, balanced leadership is now central not only to our individual well-being, but also for our survival as a species. The term “leadership” is still largely associated with traditional masculine characteristics of extroversion, assertion, defining and controlling outcomes, etc. The concept of “intuitive leadership” is intriguing in that it does not appear to negate the masculine dimension of leadership, but rather integrates feminine, intuitive qualities for a more balanced approach to leadership.

In this fast-paced world of change, complexity, and uncertainty, only our intuition can keep up, be comprehensive enough, and manage the unknowns brought about by change. In fact, studies have shown that the most successful CEOs, for example, in business are highly intuitive. And as intuition is ultimately a feeling, it’s an empathic ability to feel what another is feeling, and that is how people are moved, by their emotional connection with a leader. Intuition is also the core of innovation, and in this day and age, creativity is the name of the game, so great leaders “feel it and follow it.” That women seem to be more trusting of their feelings is a big reason for the emergence of effective female leaders. Integrating the feminine ethos into institutional America will be resisted, but it’s fighting a losing battle. Eventually, the old-world male ways will simply wither away, for they are simply out of sync with the emergent 21st-century world and its values. In some instances, however, successful balance will occur, and this will happen when the male leadership has also embraced female values and ways.

What I would really love to see is an integration of the male-female styles of living through a neutral and all-inclusive paradigm and set of values. But we guys can be dense and dogmatic. Certainly, men have the capacity to lead and manage in more nurturing, intuitive, and growth-promoting ways. I even know some. But they need support, encouragement, and results! I actually view my work as taking what I have learned from women and transporting it to men. It takes strong male role models with credibility to be effective at this transformation, however. Ultimately, it’s the results that will sway the tides of change, but interestingly, results may be evaluated differently. There may be a newly emergent bottom line, one that values health and happiness and meaning as much as dollars and cents.

The intuitive way results in a greater individualism in which we can truly express our unique gifts and realize our unique destinies. Intuitive living also means greater respect for another and their truth, hence the change toward consensual and synergistic co-creation and co-leadership.

Intuition, as a feeling, demands emotional intelligence — feeling our feelings — and this is a fundamental shift in how we live, away from the thinking logical mind, which is too linear, slow, and exclusive for today’s world, to an openhearted, emotive way. This shakes up the entire system, from education to business to governance, in how we proceed. Intuition, I feel, is the human technology that must come along to mirror and match our outer material technologies. It’s really our savior, for we humans are in danger of being outworn and outpaced by our machines, which think faster than our own minds.

James Wanless’ latest book, Intuition@Work (Red Wheel/Weiser), is a perfect tool for anyone seeking to bring a little magic, fun, and creativity into their office – or just their life. The creator of the unique Voyager Tarot Deck, Jim relies on the principle that people must feel their feelings and then act on them. He filled us in on the importance of dreams, the nature of intuitive leadership, and why fear can be your friend.

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