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Live from Studio City – The Composing Chef

Join Mark Slater, a Composer, Pianist, and Musician as he hosts a live “cooking show” from the  heart of Los Angeles.

Want to eat healthy and cook more? Bothered by the hassle it takes? Or you just love food and would like to see some really cool kitchen action? The Composing Chef show combines food tasting, cheap, quick recipes, music, networking and a life changing view of the kitchen, that will get you truly inspired.

Come along if you want to be a home chef who works miracles. If you want to impress your friends at dinner parties and always come with the best party food. If you’re ever so busy in your life and have a family to feed every day. If you find yourself staring at your fridge and then order take out.

I’m a professional film & TV composer and keen amateur chef. Recently moved from England to LA, I bring tales of village life, Oxford, conducting the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road. I hope to entertain you with interesting facts about music and food. Introduce a special guest musician and even play piano or cello myself.

You can attend the class live in Studio City or participate on-line through the broadcast.  You might even invite guests to your home and follow Mark as he cooks up quick meals and entertains your guests with his special musician guests as they perform live on the broadcast.

Follow Mark on www.meet-up.com and learn about the many sponsors who will be providing ingredients, tips, and gift certificates for their “goods” to all the guests.

Registar for the Live Cooking Show in Studio City (limited seating)  $25

Registar for the On-Line Webcast Show (includes sponsors gift certificates) $15