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Moore & Moore Legal Research

Robert & Teresa Moore have spent the last 25 years Learning the Law and helping others defend their rights as “pro se” litigants. They have worked with legal issues involving: Contract Law, Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Taxation & IRS Audits, Real Estate, Family Law, Probate, Asset Protection and now Foreclosure Defense and RICO Violations.
This Website is dedicated to sharing their 25 years experience of Learning the Law and provides tips, techniques, and support for the average citizen who does not have the funds to hire a Lawyer or is not getting the results they need.
It is designed to provide information for the “Self-Help” Law needs of the community.

On-Line Webcast Classes

Join Ms. Moore as she hosts Interactive-Live On-Line classes on self-help Law Issues. She will cover basic information, host experts in the industry of Law, refer students to self-help support programs, and allow questions and answers from her students in an interactive-live webcast.

Basic Law: How to Win in Court … Without a Lawyer!

Join Ms. Moore as she introduces you to the Jurisdictionary Home Study Course which provides you with an Affordable 24-Hour Course Explains All … Step-by-Step
Simplifies Lawsuit Procedure, Evidence, and Tactics
Have a Lawyer? … Know What SHOULD Be Done
Don’t Have a Lawyer? … Know What YOU Must Do
Thousands Have Won with Our Step-by-Step Course
You Will Learn How to Win … In Just 24 Hours
Created by an Attorney with 23 Years of Experience
Only $249
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IRS Tax Abuse: How to be Pro-Active with Taxation!

Join Ms. Moore as she introduces you to TAX HELP On-Line. An organization of Attorneys and Accountants that are trained to provide Legal and Accounting Support to prevent IRS Tax Abuse. Ms. Moore’s class will teach you how to “Double Your Tax Refund” with legal strategies and an “Audit Proof” system to maintain books and records. For those of you with Tax Problems, she will refer you to books and support to defend Tax Abuse.
Only $49 1-hour class
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Foreclosure Defense: How to save your home from Foreclosure or reclaim your home from Wrongful Foreclosure.
Join Ms. Moore as she introduces you to programs and systems that can challenge a lenders foreclosure process and eliminate the fraudulent loans against your property. If your property is upside down in it’s value, most likely you are sitting with a fraudulent loan. If your home was foreclosed upon in the last two years during the “mortgage crisis” chances are your lender’s participated in a “wrongful foreclosure” and you may regain your home or receive monetary damages for the loss.
Learn how to begin the process of identifying the facts and preparing for the defense to losing your home to foreclosure. Ms. Moore will refer you to attorney’s and on-line support to learn how to save your home and eliminate the fraudulent mortgage debt.

Only $495 2-hour class (includes a 1 hour private on-line consultation w/ Ms. Moore)
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PR for Litigation: How to use Public Relations to Keep the Courts honest and influence a settlement.
Join Ms. Moore as she introduces you to the art of utilizing Public Relations to influence the outcome of your litigation. Learn how to write articles for publication about your case or your issue so “The Court of Public Opinion” can help influence how the courts, attorneys, judges and your opponents interact with you. As a pro se litigant, if the public is not watching, many times your case is not given the “professional courtesy” made available to the “good old boys” network.
Ms. Moore will will teach you how to “market” your case so others are listening. She will introduce you to experts in the industry that you can hire to provide the Public Relations suport that your litigation needs.

Only $495 2-hour class (includes a 1 hour private on-line consultation w/ Ms. Moore)
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Asset Protection: How to Protect and Grow your Wealth from the threats of Litigation
Join Ms. Moore as she teaches you the basics of how to protect your wealth from our litigious society. You will learn simple techniques on how to “Think Pro-Actively” about growing and protecting your wealth. You will be introduced to experts that Ms. Moore has found that can provide some simple structures that will “bullet-proof” your wealth and establish a legal defense front from any creditor.
Only $49 2-hour class
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Private Pensions: Learn How to Grow your Wealth Tax Deferred and Access Private Money
Join Ms. Moore as she teaches how to establish a Self-Directed Pension Fund so you can grow your wealth tax deferred and access Private Money for your investing needs. This two hour class introduces you to “the Secrets” that the wealthy use to keep their wealth. Ms. Moore will refer you to experts in the industry who administer “Self-Directed” Pensions and support you in your quest for Wealth Preservation.
Only $49 2-hour class
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Truth-Law: Legal Writing: Learn How to Write your legal Papers in the Truth.
Join Mr. Moore as he demonstrates writing in the “Truth-Law” System. Spend 2 hours learning the concepts of writing your legal documents so the courts cannot manipulate their meanings to fit their rulings.
Only $49 2-hour class
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1 Year Unlimited Access to the Moore & Moore Legal Support Classes. Includes 4 hours private one-to-one consultation with Mr. or Mrs. Moore
Attend all of the interactive live Legal Support classes offered by the Moore’s for a year.

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