On-Line Interactive Live Webcasts

You can earn income by hosting classes in your home.  For every student you host in your home in a facilitated class (the live class is broadcast into your home and the students in your facilitated class are broadcast back to the main instructors’ class) you will earn a 20% hosting fee.

On average, the fee for each new student that attends a facilitated class in a hosted home is $100 per student.  So if you host 5 students in a class for a 4 hour class you would earn $500.  If you do this twice a month, that would be an income of $1000.

The cost to become a certified facilitator for the MooreWealth.com instructors is $5000 and includes yearly attendance to all classes taught on the MooreWealth.com network, attendance to a live weeklong training with one of the MooreWealth Instructors in their Vacation Escape Properties (accomodations, meals and flight fare not included) and access to the MooreWealth On-line Private Facilitator Monthly Trainings.

Contact Ms. Moore at www.moorewealth@prodigy.net for an application and consideration for the Facilitator positions in your area.  (Financing and non-cash apprentice programs available)