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In todays economic crisis, you can be caught in the fear of financial collapse, or you can learn to not only survive, but flourish utilizing the tools taught in “The Art of Exchange.”

The 2-hour interactive class will introduce you to the idea of “shifting your thoughts about money” from lack and conflict to Love and Abundance.  Next you will learn numerous ways of exchange that can connect you to your community and build value and abundance through the trading of your time, knowledge, skills, business, and assets regardless of what the current economic crisis is.  With your $44 registration fee, you will be sent a link to watch the 1 hour video “The Art of Exchange” to prepare you for the live on-line class.

The 4-hour ART OF EXCHANGE Experiential Workshop is designed to help you “custom design” your “tools for Conscious Creating”.  The class will teach you how to create exchange with value and connection instead of lack and fear.  The class will continue with developing your unique specific financial values and shifting them into forms of connection with others in the class who would love to exchange with you. Once you have developed your “Value Exchange” you will be guided by Ms. Moore on how to develop alliances with others to expand your exchange and value to manifest the material desires that will support your lifestyle and lead you to a fulfilling life of purpose.

Each interactive class is customized for the students in the class.  This means as you grow with your knowledge and experience, your expanded learning needs are addressed each time you attend.  The class can support all forms of exchange: students that are “out of the system”; W-2 wage earners; Independent Contractor’s; Business Owners; and Multi-Million Dollar Corporations.

The 4-hour class is taught in an interactive style, which will allow you to access specific marketing techniques for your business needs.  Ms. Moore will help you identify the hidden assets in your business and convert them to cash profits utilizing trade credits.

The $495 class fee can be paid for through exchange credits once you have attended the 2 hour Introductory class and applied for an Exchange Agreement.  It includes free attendance for one year to all on-line Art of Exchange Classes.  This 1 year unlimited attendance will allow you the time to integrate the marketing ideas into your business and as your business grows throughout the year,  allow you the opportunity to ask new marketing questions as your knowledge, experience, and business sales grow.  It will also provide you 1 year access to networking with others who are trained in the ART of EXCHANGE.

Sign up for the 2-hour Introductory ART of EXCHANGE class $44

Sign up for the  4-hour Experiential ART of EXCHANGE Workshop $495

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(full $25 credit towards live class)